Patient engagement toolkit


Patient engagement toolkit

This action pack contains ideas, tools and support available for LMCs and individual GPs wishing to engage with patients about the Rebuild General Practice campaign.

Why GPs must engage with patients 🤝

GPs and patients are on the same side and want the same – a general practice that is fit for purpose. However, in recent times, GPs have been pitted against their patients in the media and by politicians. The Rebuild General Practice campaign wants to unite patients and GPs to defend the profession. 

How GPs can engage with patients 🩺

We have created a special area on the campaign website for patients, where those interested can find out how the support us.  We have also developed a number of ways in which you can share content and start to inform patients about the campaign and the crisis in general practice.

Actions you can take ▶️

In the surgery

📺 Show the Rebuild General Practice patient engagement animation on the screens in your surgery.

⏬ Download the animation here. ✍️ For any technical questions and support contact

You can also

📃 Download and print these flyers for your surgery to tell your patients about the campaign. Download here.

📇 Download and print these business cards which you can hand out to patients. Download here.

On social media

🤳 If you have X/Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram, use the sample posts here.

🗣️ Your community will very likely have a local group on Facebook. Request to join and share the animation. Download the sample posts here.

On your website

💻 If you have a website, use the website copy and upload alongside the animation. Download here.

On WhatsApp groups

📞 You may have WhatsApp group with your patients or the local community. If so use the copy we have drafted and share the animation. Download here.  

In patient newsletters

📰 If you have a patient newsletter you can share the animation alongside the copy, drafted for download here.

Local media

📻 Let your local newspaper, radio or TV news channel know that you are informing patients about the crisis in general practice. Download the press release here.

Direct engagement with patient groups

🤝 Organise a meeting with your Patient Participation Group and tell them about the campaign. You can use the invitation we have drafted here. And you can talk them through the presentation we have prepared for patients. Download here.