Write to your MP/MSP/MS

💥 This is an exciting moment. Now is the time to ramp up the political pressure on behalf of Rebuild General Practice.

⏱️ Election manifestos are being finalised right now. The Prime Minister has been unpredictable in talking about the election timing, meaning we could be in election mode before we know it.

 ðŸ’ª So, we’re asking GPs to write to your MPs, MSPs, and MS's en masse, and make as much noise as possible on social media and in local media.

 â© We want to ensure that all major parties across England, Scotland, and Wales have a plan to address the crisis in general practice and are committed to doing so once either party comes to power.

How to get involved

✍️ Write to your MP (all nations), MSP (Scotland), and/or MS (Wales) - email templates and guidance linked.

🤳 Share our social media posts - post directly to X/Twitter here, or find a template post for other social media here.

📰 Write to your local newspaper editor to inform them of this action - email template here.

🔁 Encourage your colleagues to do the same by sharing these materials.

Follow us on X/Twitter to keep up to date on the campaign: @RebuildGP

General enquiries: hello@rebuildgp.co.uk

Press enquiries: press@rebuildgp.co.uk